Friday, May 20, 2011

A Brother, A Birthday, and A BIG GIVEAWAY

I have two really exciting announcements!!!

1- Trey Chalew, my little brother, is finally home!!  My dad traveled to Ethiopia to bring him home a few weeks ago.  It’s been very fun having him home.  He is cute, funny, and a little bit rambunctious ;)  It sure took FOREVER, but it was SOOO worth the wait.

2- I’m turning 12 YEARS OLD today and am having a BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!  In 12 days I will draw the name of one LUCKY winner who will receive 12 NECKLACES of their choice!!!!!  That’s just CrAzY!

To enter my drawing, all you have to do is post a link to LittleGoody2-Shoes either on your Facebook page or your blog. Then leave me a comment letting me know what your favorite birthday dessert is.

I am still working to raise funds to buy shoes for the kids at the Kombolcha Care Point in Ethiopia.  $18.00 will buy a good pair of sturdy shoes for the children there.

As always, 100% of your bottle cap necklace purchase is donated to a special shoe fund at Children's HopeChest.

Peace… Love… Do Good,


Note: Bottle cap necklaces are not water-proof and are not for small children. You may experience overwhelming joy while wearing your bottle cap necklace. Normal side effects include: compliments from strangers and looks of admiration. If these symptoms occur, continue to wear your necklace and share my blog. When given as a gift, people may have a heightened sense of how cool you really are. Children should not be fed broccoli more than once a month, but should always receive dessert before and after every meal.  If you feel sad because you want to place an order but don't have a PayPal account, just send me an e-mail using the "Contact Me" button in the column on the left.