Sunday, January 22, 2012

Aunt Shelley’s Shoes


Chloe #3
My Aunt Shelley’s book, WELCOME, CALLER, THIS IS CHLOE, is coming out in May of this year!!!!!  And I cannot wait!

In the book, the main character, Chloe, has a passion for shoes.  Aunt Shelley shared with me that I inspired the "shoe" thread in her book. 
How cool is that?!!!

It gets even BETTER though.  My Aunt Shelley, is putting together SWAG (Something We All Get) packs to share with her readers AND she bought 120 of my bottlecap necklaces to include with the packs!! 

120 necklaces = $600

= 33 pairs of shoes for kids in Ethiopia

= 33 sweet smiling faces :)

My Aunt Shelley is ALSO hosting a GIVEAWAY on her blog!!!!!  You can read about it here.  Her contest ends on January 31, so GO, GO, GO!!

Peace… Love… Do Good,


  1. Sammie, that is wonderful and how very generous of Shelley!! I too am anxious to read the book. Keep up the good work, Girls!!


    1. I really want to read the book too! It looks so cool! I like it also because it's Inspired by Sammi

  2. Hey Sammi,
    Will they be in Stores? Or the library? I REALLY want to read a book inspired by YOU SAMMI

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