Saturday, July 31, 2010

Send a Message in a Bottle Cap

Bottle cap necklaces are very popular right now and would make a great gift. Anyone would be happy to receive this sweet surprise in the mail. If you would like to purchase a necklace as a gift, I will include a message from you and a note letting them know that their gift also helped buy a pair of shoes for a child in Ethiopia.

I have an awesome new design to share with you today. It is called Bright Dot and can be made with any initial you would like. All of my girlfriends really like this design. It is also available with the phrase Cutie Pie and LOL.

If you want to buy a Bright Dot Initial necklace, simply type the initial you would like in the text box provided. Please include any gift messages in Paypal's "Special Instructions to Merchant" at checkout.

Cute necklace, special gift, big smiles, good shoes for $5 = great bargain!
100% of your purchase will help buy shoes for children in Ethiopia :)

Peace...Love...Do Good - Sami (39 pairs of shoes :)


  1. SAMI!! It's 'cousin' Carly. Firstly, I cannot believe you will be in junior high next year, congratulations! My dad was kind enough to share a link to your blog and I must say, I am simply blown away. I am so excited you have reached 39 shoes. I just bought my own necklace so hopefully I helped you get to the big 40!

    As I know you are with Toby, you will continue to be such a great big sister for your new brother as well as a great guardian angel for all the children you are providing shoes for. Congratulations on a new member of the family and best of luck with your blog sales.

    Much Love,
    Carly Raska

  2. I love your new design, Samantha!! I know A LOT of people that have ordered a necklace from you and the love the necklace and they love the fact that the $$ helps to buy shoes for orphaned children in Ethiopia!! Keep up the great work - I'm really proud of you!! ~Karen Wistrom :)

  3. What a wonderful idea Samantha! I love the blog, I love the necklaces, and I love what a big heart you have!!! I just ordered, but forgot to tell you in the 'special instructions' that if it saves you a little money, you can drop off the necklaces at my house (I'd love to see you!) or I could pick them up, or you could send them with Sophie on August 23rd. Thanks! :)Mrs. Williams

  4. wow- you go girl! (do people still say that? haha!)
    We are adopting from ethiopia too. Great idea for raising money for shoes! These are so cute!

  5. You are such a sweet girl, with such an amazing heart! I just ordered a necklace. What an amazing cause! Way to go! We too are adopting from Ethiopia. Best wishes darling girl to you and your family!!!!!!!!

  6. I have seen your link from other adoptive families on FB! I LOVE what you are doing! Blessings to you!

  7. This is such a great idea. I hope you are able to buy tons of shoes. The necklaces are so pretty. Well done you :D

  8. Sami! What a girl you are!! you are challenging me to find a way to use what I am good at to help others. I love your necklaces! I just put a link to your blog on the Children's HopeChest Facebook page. Hopefully more people will see what you are doing! Thank you from everyone at HopeChest:)

  9. Just received my three necklaces yesterday -- THANKS!!! They are so adorable and my 22 year old daughter quickly claimed one as her own.

    Keep up the great work!